Thursday, October 24, 2013

My rant. Molluscum. Traumatized. Essential oils. I pray no one else has this experience.

I hadn't wanted to get in to this personal trial on the blog before, but I keep running in to people that are searching for answers and remedies and advice on the same issue and I needed a platform to be able to post my testimony at this length. This very common skin virus wrecked us for months. My hope is that others won't have to go through this.

Here is my rant:

My son, Asher, is 3. We noticed some bumps on his arm and side of chest about 6+ months ago. They didn’t seem to bother him, and they were pretty small. I waited for a few months, but then one seemed to get infected so we took him to the Dr. He recommended that we go to a dermatologist, so we did. At this point they had multiplied, and spread, but were still small, and looked harmless.  She told us it was a skin virus, contagious, and that we needed to try this “beetle Juice” treatment on it. She dabbed very small spots of this medicine on 3 bumps as a trial run to see how he’d react They didn’t hurt. We still had no idea what we we're doing or what this was and we were just going along with whatever she said had to be done. She told us that they might blister, but it was no big deal and if it did, to pop them in his sleep (yeah right). 4-5 hours later when we started seeing these 3 puff up a bit, we washed it off as instructed, and thought these were the blisters we were supposed to pop. We tried, through his sad screams, but they wouldn’t pop. We ended up leaving them after that, and watched for the next few days as they were blistered and painful and then scabbed up. It was not a fun process. When we went back 2 weeks later, we asked if there was any other option because we didn’t want to do that again. She said the only other option was to cut them off. Um, no thanks! Trusting this advice, we thought our only choice was to move forward. This is where the nightmare started.
The Dr and her nurse then put the beetle juice on all of his bumps, about 40-50. But we would learn that the test run was nothing that compared to the appropriate nightmare that was coming. Not only did they put on more of it this time, but the nurse was not merely dabbing the bumps with the end of the stick, she was rolling the entire end of the stick over each bump. This covered a much larger area around each bump. He didn't feel a thing during the application, and he walked out fine. And for the second time, she had forgotten to give me the printed out info on what these bumps were or what to expect.
In only a couple hours I was faced with a screaming 3 year old that would not allow me to even come near touching him. I could barely lift his shirt to see what had happened, but I could tell blistering was starting. A lot worse. I was waiting for my husband to get home to help me get this treatment washed off because he wouldn’t let me near him. So for the next couple hours he paced the room, crying and screaming. I wasn’t able to hold him or pick him up, and he wasn’t able to even sit, since he had some on his bottom as well. He could only pace. I was feeling a helpless panic.
When we got him undressed and in the shower, I just cried. He was covered in 40-50 huge nickel sized blisters all over his arm, side of his chest, his knees, and his butt. They were huge. I couldn’t even imagine the pain. We tried benadryl and motrin as instructed if he was “uncomfortable”, and nothing touched his pain. He finally got so tired from hours of crying and fell asleep around 9. At 11pm I heard this screaming that I have never heard before. We both ran in and he was in so much pain that he had straightened his body in to this stiff, shaking, sobbing child. My husband had to scoop under him to get him out and we laid on the floor with him, and I just sobbed right along with him. It was medieval torture and we had done this to him, and there was nothing we could do to make it better. We knew we had to try to pop them. Mark that down as the most traumatizing experience ever. Attempting to pop each of them, for over an hour, and get them to drain, as he screamed bloody murder. I can’t even fathom the pain he felt. We were all awake most of the night. I watched as he tried to sleep on one knee, his face, and one hand, while holding his other arm up in the air.

For the entire next day we could hardly function, we were so depressed over this experience. This thing that was supposed to be no big deal. These bumps that were hardly noticeable before... had gorged into these monstrous, bloody, puss filled, scabby, painful mess, and 5 times the size. I could tell we had just made this so much worse, and created a whole lot of scarring, on top of the pain.
We had to wrap his chest and arm in gauze and bandages. Every morning and night we spent about 30 minutes getting all of them covered so that he couldn't touch them, and so that no one else could be infected, and to try to minimize the spread. We were obsessively careful to make sure our daughter and other kids never had access to touching the bumps so they wouldn’t also get it, since it’s only contagious to children, and only on contact with the bump. He was bandaged and always covered with long sleeves and we changed his towel every night and kept clorox wipes by the toilet and wiped it down after every time he used it. It was a process that required a lot of work, and we had to be relentless, but I knew if my daughter got them it would be even MORE traumatic, and if his friends got them, I would have felt devastated.

After being thrown into this nightmare, I was definitely googling what this whole issue was about. I googled it too late.
Molluscum Contagiosum. This is what we were dealing with. What I found made all of this very much worse. I read that most dermatologists won’t treat this condition because it’s too “barbaric”. I even found a forum where numerous doctors had written all their opinions. Most of them sharing that their only treatment options were not that effective, all of them painful, and that moms should be instructed to wait it out. The bumps would leave in 6-24 months on their own.
My heart sank. We put him through the most painful, horrific procedure, and didn’t even need to. And worse - it didn't remove even one bump. It was for nothing. How I wish I had the information on this before. I wish I had googled it sooner. I wish she would have told me that we didn’t need to necessarily do anything and that this might not even work!
So for the next 3 weeks as I watched his body look like a lepper, I spent hours every day researching options. I tried the apple cider vinegar, I tried clove oil, I tried creams, etc. Everything burned, and I couldn’t put him through it. This consumed our life for weeks.
I waited for that follow up appointment with the Dr 3 weeks later, as my rage went from bad to worse. A few days before this appointment his arms and legs developed this huge, crazy rash that seemed to get worse by the hour. It was the worst rash I’d ever seen, and terribly inflamed. He looked like he was burned. So now he was covered in painful bumps that were 5 times worse, an itchy rash on the entire rest of his body, and his eczema was so much worse everywhere from all these treatments and issues.  
When I went with him back to the Dr they said with a smile, “Is he better?”  Thank God I didn’t punch someone. NO! HE was so much worse! Not only was that the worst treatment I’ve ever heard of, but it didn’t even work! Now he’s scarred and scabbed up, and these bumps are still there!
But after I told her I wouldn’t do further treatments she pretty much acted like she was done with me. She told me to just wait it out then for several months. WHY didn’t she tell me this in the first place?!?! {And WHY would i want to wait this out and watch it spread and have to treat him like a plagued person!}
And then she made it worse... his rash was a reaction to this horrific treatment, and now he had “gionotti crosti syndrome". You can see the horrific photos here
She only told me that it wasn’t contagious, and it would last a few weeks and leave it alone but treat the itch.
She walked out without telling me we were even done, and didn’t ask to see him again to even know if he got better. I was furious.
I came home and googled this new issue and found that it would likely get worse, turn purple, spread to his face, and probably blister. I was livid. To put this kid through more blisters... livid.
At the end of my rope I turned to someone certified in homeopathic treatments. Lynn was a true answer to prayer. She recommended a mix of essential oils: lemon and Melaleuca Alternifolia (AKA tea tree oil) for getting rid of the molluscum and lavender to calm it all down. I ordered these 3 and blended them together with olive oil. I also ordered the “gentle baby” blend for his eczema that was made so much worse.
I applied the 3 oil blend to his bumps in the morning, and straight tea tree oil at night. We covered all of the bumps with bandage tape.
Just for kicks, I applied the baby blend to his entire rash to see if it would help, maybe if even just for the itch.
This is where I regret not taking “before” photos.  Within 2-3 days we could already tell a difference in both the bumps & the rash. Within 5 days his rash was virtually GONE! This rash that was supposed to get so much worse.  In a full week the bumps on his arm were GONE! His chest was 80% better in what felt like over night, compared to the 6-24 months we thought we were looking at.
A week and a half later I was only needing to cover a few bumps, no rash and no eczema. By 2 weeks all bumps were entirely gone. We were both literally shocked at how quickly it worked, with no discomfort and he smelled good all the time!
We went through the most traumatizing months of our parenting lives, and put our 3 year old through a whole lot of unneeded pain, and yet these oils fixed him up in ONE week. It felt miraculous. He was covered in scars all over his body and still looked like a lepper for quite a while, but I continued to treat those areas with oils and a year later - no scars! 
We learned A LOT! Research first, never do beetle juice if you can avoid it, and always try the oils first!

As a bonus miracle, I started using thieves oil on our entire family after our son came down with a cold after this whole mess. The next day he was 80% better AND no one else got it. When I saw 2 sick neighbors a few days later I gave them a drop and told them to rub it on their neck. They BOTH told me they were better the next day! I was shocked! I didn’t even expect it. One of them was really sick the night before and I didn’t think he’d “fall for it” so to speak. He thanked me the next day and said he was definitely better. I was actually pretty surprised!

We have been baffled and astounded at how these essential oils have affected our life over the last (year since I wrote this). I never expected for this to work, and now I am a true believer. It sounds so cheesy, but I honestly tried everything with no results and this worked immediately. We are forever thankful that this nightmare is over. I worried for quite some time about the traumatizing effect this would leave on him as well. Even a year later he still remembers it and talks about all the bandaids, but I know had we not tried the oils we'd still be dealing with those bumps TODAY!

I wrote all of this back in Feb 2013 with no affiliation or representing an oil company. But I can now say as of October of 2013 they changed our lives. How could I not want to use them for everything and help spread the word! Needless to say, if you are interested, let me know! I talk oils over here - I am a very skeptical person, and my husband is even MORE SO! For the 2 of us to stand behind these oils speaks volumes. My husband comes home quite often to tell me his friends need certain oils. He also refuses to go to bed without certain oils for sleep and wellness (as do I!). We have seen so much improvement with headaches, any pain, allergies, stress, illnesses, insomnia, moods, energy, balance, and even my skincare has entirely been replaced with these oils now and I am always surprised at how much quicker I am able to see and feel results, than by using standard drugs and treatments. I was a constant pill-popper-person my entire life (literally since middle school). I am hooked now on finding these natural remedies for my family and not sending my kids down the same pill popping journey. Please feel free to email me tif you have questions or areas in your life you'd like to try finding improvements for. leah (at) If you already know you want to dive in to trying these amazing oils, I can honestly say that the premium starter kit is the best way to start and you get the most value for your $. I'd prefer to help you through this process, but if you'd rather get started on your own, you can click here to get the starter kit, just be sure to keep "member" marked in order to get the starter kit and at the reduced price. You can also check NO for step 3 as that is a monthly agreement.


Sara said...

Thanks for posting this. My daughter has had molluscum for over 2 years and the bumps are getting bigger. I've just recently become acquainted with essential oils and will be trying this for her bumps.


Anonymous said...

I would really like to find out more about the oils. I picked up this nasty little MC after soaking in a hot pool. I burned myself trying some of the online cures and think this is the way to go. Can you help me?

Erin F said...

I already have the starter kit and my son has mollescum. Can you tell me what your concoction was made up of? How many drops EO v. Carrier oil?

Thank you!

Mya Bruce Designs said...

Anonymous - I'd be happy to help - email me leah {at}

Erin - Do equal parts lemon, lavender and Mel A, then dilute according to how sensitive his skin is. My son is pretty sensitive so I did 5 drops each to 1 tsp carrier. Then I applied morning & night, and bandaged over ever area.

Jennifer and Elizabeth said...

My daughter has this on her buttock, literally in the crack area. We can't bandage it there. Do you think the oils will still work? I use YLEO already.

Mya Bruce Designs said...

Hi Jennifer! I do think they will still work, but I guess I'd be careful to make sure you let the area air out and dry after you apply, before the skin is pushed together and might get irritated

Martie said...

Which carrier oil did you use? Coconut oil that will solidify to a cream-type ointment or a liquid one? Thx!

Mary said...

How many times a day did you apply it?
My son has had one for many months and in the last month or so they have started spreading. Not only does he have 9 now but the skin surrounding them is very bumpy and rough.
We are trying apple cider vinegar now but have many oils ok hand. The most difficult part seems to be keeping them covered. Wondering how many applications a day and should we change the band aids each time?

Amy Swanson said...

We made a blend of Tea Tree, Iodine, Lavender, and a very small amount of Thieves Oil. I put it in a spritzer bottle and overnight returned a miracle! I did add some Zymaderm to the oil blend, but that didn't work alone. Great combo! Nothing else has worked and we've tried several things prior to this mix.

Anonymous said...

My son has these nighymare bumps on his rear end. Right around the crack. I first noticed it as one bump and wondered if he was getting a skin tag which I thought was very strange. Then it started spreading. I showed my sister in law and she recognized it immediately as her kids have had it too. She did the beetle juice, not knowing there as an alternative treatment, and she has the same horror story about it. Someone then turned her to oils and she treated with diluted oregano followed with frankincense. Worked wonders! She told me her story, and then I found this blog. I have since ordered oils, and I am treating with a combo of both of your remedies. I'm doing a 4 oil blend of tea tree, oregano, lemon and lavender in coconut oil. Then I follow with a drop or 2 of frankincense. Hope it clears soon! It did seem less rashy almost immediately. I'm just waiting now for the big bumps to disappear.

Anonymous said...

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Nicole said...

Thanks for this post!!I'm an oil user as well and was googling which oil to use for mc. I thought my daughter got bit by fire ants and was just having a reaction to them, its been a few months now and they are starting to get bigger and she now has them not only on the back of her leg where they started but also on her butt cheeks. She said those ones hurt! so i am happy to know lemon an melaluca!! I have them both already! im gonna try it tonight!!

Breann said...

How did you apply the mixture? With a qtip? With a roller bottle? Just do each dot? Or spread over general area?

Laura R said...

Made a solution of 5 drops lemon, 5 drops lavender, and 5 drops of tea tree in a base of about 1 tsp. Coconut oil.... had to wait until our little was asleep because she won't let us even touch them! Thank you for the recipe and I'm sorry you went through such a rough time. I was about to call the doctor AGAIN when I thought, let me research this again and see if I can use my oils. Fingers crossed! I don't have theives, it I don't know any YL or DT people, but I prefer make my own blenda and we'll give that a try too. I found my daughter's bumps where just white until she got a cough which we treated with a little otc cough syrup and vitamins and all the sudden a few started turning red.... it is her body finally trying to fight the virus!!! She says they itch, but I think they are just rubbing on her clothes... will update....

Laura R said...

And thanks to all the good advice on here!

barry white said...

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Tyra said...

Do you mix frankensense with other oils? I need to make a larger container to put in roller ball to last for 2 weeks until muscullom goes away so how many drops of each to do that? Thank you for any help!!

Anonymous said...

Adults CAN get molluscum. I just found out I have it on my face. So just FYI.

Kristi Maloney said...

So glad I found your post! I just made up an essential oil roller ball with Lavender, Tea Tree and Grapefruit. (I am out of lemon.) My 12 year old has had molluscum now for several weeks. I am hoping this helps! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Any luck with the treatment? And did you cover with 'bandage tape' too? I plan to give the oils a try on my son. We went through the same ordeal as the original poster and I am fed up with the dermatologist!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've had molluscum for like 5 months now... I just started using tea tree oil, and it seems to keep spreading and it's really upsetting me... I have access to all of those oils, however can you tell me how you applied them with the carrier? I was mixing tea tree oil with coconut oil as a carrier and then just rubbing it on the bumps and all around the area, but I'm scared that this may just be spreading it. Did you apply it this way? Or with a dropper.. or brush?.. thank you.

Laurenanne said...

Thank you for posting this. Have any re-appeared? My son has had them since last September-October. Doctor said to let it run its course and they will go away. Here in the past few days they started spreading. Starting oils ASAP!

Unknown said...

I've tried everything for my two young sons' molluscum and the only thing that has worked is Urban Releaf's Lemon Balm Salve sold on Amazon. I would agree that the lemon oil could be a major factor in healing this awful virus. It's taken such a toll on me mentally as their mother dealing with this. Whatever you decide just know that anything with lemon will work. I agree ACV works too, but it's too irritating for their skin and it smells awful.

Shanaya said...

This is amazing blog i never ever had seen earlier.. I like the way you share...

Zhanna said...

We are also fighting molluscum on my 5 year old ! After reading through some of these comments I brainstormed with a friend of mine she suggested adding myrrh essential oil to the already mentioned lemon, lavender and melaleuca (which is tea tree) oils - as for application process I found that new seasons carries glass spray bottles (2oz size) so I put 30 drops each and filed the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil (liquid kind) So no need to use q-tips or cotton balls just spray on! We are adding this to zymaderm treatment that has worked on some molluscums (it has spread before it got any of them better but I think we were being inconsistent and also his immune system sucks he's my picky eater) I also bought some immune boosting supplements and will be adding that to our daily battle ... my friend also suggested ongaurd or thieves EO on bottom of toe daily to add immunity ... there's another blend I found someone mention onlinethst worked for them

10 drops of Oil of Oregano
10 drops of Clove Bud oil
5 drops of Tea Tree oil
5 drops of Lemongrass oil
1/4 cup of Coconut oil

Hope these help!

Anonymous said...

What immune boosting supplements did u get do u think they helped

gorege vanisa said...

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