Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering... and honoring....and living this one life full

Today I will remember how I felt on Sept TWELVE. I will remember how I looked at life. How I felt every inch of it. How I realized its shortness... its gravity. How I noticed every blessing. How I cried for the broken, and how I wanted to grasp the most joy out of this one life - as a way to honor those that weren't given more days to do so. I will remember how we felt as one people and the severe thankfulness we had for each other. It was a glimpse of our greatest moments in the depths of our biggest sorrow. And then I will strive to keep living in such a way.

"How do you ease the throb of a soul?
Growth has this way of hurting.
And bereavement has this way of birthing.
And what is becoming without a going?...

Is this what brokenness really is? A state of wonder? When we are broken, we take nothing for granted and we are astonished by breath and being and the most simple extraordinary grace. When we are broken, being at all is the wonder, everyday grace is the miracle, and we see that this is what is real: everything is a staggering gift."
-Ann Voskamp

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