Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Long time no blog!

I know. It's tragic. This lack of blogging....please forgive me.
But I have something crafty to share! It's late. of course, and I do not claim to be a very crafty person, so I realize this may not be all that impressive, but it's one of my new favorite sentimental art pieces in the house. This piece I made for the hubs.

For Father's Day I was on the hunt for some old, weathered wood.
When the crazy guy on the side of the road with all the cool junk and fabulous wood was completely unhelpful with my desire to purchase said wood, I realized I was going to have to hunt for it.
Thankfully I have a dad that likes to hunt too! :) And he found this fabulous door left behind in a vacant lot.

Now on my own, this door would have been useless to me, but I also have the craftiest dad in the world.

So he turned this door, into this amazing wood plaque for me, and even roughed it up a bit more, and burned it a little. It's about 25"x18". It was better than I could have imagined.

So then I was on the hunt for some metal letters. This, I found, was not as easy as I thought! I thought good 'ol Home Depot would have them right next to the metal numbers you put on your house. nope!
15 stops later, I gave up. Hobby Lobby was out of "D" in nearly every metal object I could find. Figures, during daddy-week. So I got the wood ones and spray painted them.
I did find the "Love" in metal which I liked mixing up the materials, textures and colors.
I found this piece of metal mesh, and painted it also and then put some craft wood across it and then stick-on foam letters in aqua.
Then I glued all my black and white pictures and then added nails to all the edges because I liked the look.
In very small print I wrote on each of the photos a one word characteristic of him. 
I also had my daughter write him a note that I put on there, and she signed her (and her brother's name) at the bottom.
I thought I'd be able to carve into it some, but it didn't show up well, so I hand stamped a bronze metal rectangle and added it over the bottom left photo with "Happy Fathers Day 2012".

{It looks much better in person}  :)


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