Sunday, May 20, 2012

an *Update* and a big reveal of my new favorite thing!!!!

thankful #141: hope filled futures.readiness to fly.

{Lyrics: Priscilla Ahn, Dream}

I recently wrote this:

It briefly, and I do mean briefly - detailed some things I was struggling with.
I am happy to report a few updates.

The little man after week one of swim turned a major corner and it was such a RELIEF to watch him HAPPY in the water! Not only happy, but totally capable, and getting it, and swimming - - - at TWO! And able to save himself AT TWO! Such a proud, happy, more comforted mama I am for that! THANK YOU MISS COLLEEN!

Also, my happy little munchkins, and the bigger munchkin man made me this lovely art piece for Mothers Day. Which means someone is also paying attention :)
Painted by my awesome kidlets, and then I love how the hubs finished it by incorporating my sentiments from my last post, about "we keep climbing"
Awwww. so us.

Now for the big reveal! I've been hiding this little surprise for WEEKS! .... dun dun DUN!!!!!

So, here I am again very BRIEFLY just giving you some bullet points, but this has been a very hard school year for us. Hard because our daughter usually leaves school sad at the end of the day. Sad that anyone would want to be mean to her. Mean to her - {in FIRST GRADE!}
I almost think it's been more traumatizing on us than it has been on her. Nonetheless, at times it's been very very serious. We had a rough few weeks especially recently.

This is the kid that has always been one to stand out in a crowd. Always been smiling, laughing and just has this magnetic personality that attracts awesomeness. She has been like this since she was 6 months! I can honestly say I know it is unique because I was NEVER LIKE THIS! She loves EVERYONE, and loves them deeeeeeeply!!!!! When she was younger, it was always a horrific sad day to say goodbye to virtually anyone. She would miss the neighbor, she would miss the check out girl at the grocery store, she would miss the person at the post office. She just loved LOVED people. She wanted everyone to come home to play with her. She would hang out with the adults at the kids parties, she was just always the life of the party. I never imagined she would have a hard time socially. never.

{magnetic.even with a pine cone}
{love of all things crab}

{always smiling, this face. love love love this face}

So when I started to worry about her personality/confidence/spark taking a dip.... I was desperate to grab on to it and remind her it was there before she forgot it.

I wanted that BACK!!!

So I had a momentary genius thought. I have a brilliant artist friend. In 8th grade we were "Leah1 and Leah2". She was already off the charts artistic at that age. And now here she is, creating comics, working for the NY Post, and other magazines and outside commissions. She is amazing. So I reached out to her and asked her if I could commission her to create a custom piece. A work of art of my girl. To remind her of who she is. To capture all her spunkiness, her laughter, her bright smile, her funky love of mismatched clothing, her bravery and confidence that she had when she was taking self defense classes, and then just put her somewhere beautiful, some place she loves, a happy place.
She has not been in a happy place since August.

Leah2 captured all of it. everything. I was beaming.

She got her gigormo turquoise bow headband, her classic-Addy red cowgirl boots, her ever-present funky leggings, the mismatched ruffle skirts, the boxing gloves she has from her classes, her love of the beach, (and crab!), and her victorious smile... on top of the world. This is how I see her.

This will forever be my favorite piece of art in the house. Like her own little comic book cover,
of Super-Addy, and everything beautiful that she represents.
I took the amazing image Leah made and had it printed on metal to make the colors pop. It looks AWESOME!

I could never thank Leah enough for this. It was the pick me up we all needed. It was a wonderful distraction to work with her on during some difficult weeks, and it is such a great reminder to us of our favorite little big girl. It's also a happy representation of what we have to look forward to. On to bigger and better things, and some happier places and some wonderful new memories to make. I'm so excited for her, and to see where she goes in this world, and to continue to watch her grow and blossom. The growing pains are indeed painful to watch her go through. She's figuring out that not everyone is kind, and she has a hard time standing up for herself because she doesn't want to be unkind back. But this girl is a rock inside. I know it. She is indeed strong, and she will overcome. And her kindness - - always prevails. We couldn't be more proud of who she is. I am especially proud that on her last day of school she received a character award - for "most friendly".
I cherish that quality in her. It was the best one I could have picked for her to receive! And so true!

You truly must go check Leah out. She is amazing and so fun to work with!
I just love her. I could never thank her enough!!!!

And tonight we gave this sweet gift to our precious Addy.
She was ELATED!!!!

And Tonight her little bro kept calling her "Addy superhero". She loved it. I love seeing her spirit look refreshed and renewed and rejuvenated. That was exactly the purpose. 
She's truly excited for a positive, hope-filled future