Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New designs, new pre-made shop section and PLEASE get on the Mother's Day orders early :)

Hey folks! 2 important messages.
1. I've added a new shop section for pre-made & ready to go items.
That makes them discounted with reduced shipping. Almost all of these are upgraded in materials and chains. I've added 12 new items.
SECOND: this is the perfect opportunity to grab your mother's day gift because let me warn you that this holiday is my 2nd busiest one of the year.
I will be limiting custom requests during the next month, and I close off orders 2 weeks prior to M-day, so you have about a month left!
Here is the ready to go section:

Here are samples of all the new designs I've made in the last few weeks. Most of these are in the shop

And here's a snapshot and follow up of my time at Whippy Cake's Fix Friday! It was great!  Thanks for all who came out!

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