Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New designs, new pre-made shop section and PLEASE get on the Mother's Day orders early :)

Hey folks! 2 important messages.
1. I've added a new shop section for pre-made & ready to go items.
That makes them discounted with reduced shipping. Almost all of these are upgraded in materials and chains. I've added 12 new items.
SECOND: this is the perfect opportunity to grab your mother's day gift because let me warn you that this holiday is my 2nd busiest one of the year.
I will be limiting custom requests during the next month, and I close off orders 2 weeks prior to M-day, so you have about a month left!
Here is the ready to go section:

Here are samples of all the new designs I've made in the last few weeks. Most of these are in the shop

And here's a snapshot and follow up of my time at Whippy Cake's Fix Friday! It was great!  Thanks for all who came out!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the amazing, impressive looking, but super simple blueberry donut scam

I call it a scam because this will look like you slaved over some gourmet recipe all morning, and it will taste like it too, but trust me - there is no slaving!
Mama don't play homemade :)

You know me - - it has to be easy.

So it's spring break. I'm determined to not eat chicken and vegetables the entire week. This is a week of fun. This is a week where I'll actually make fun breakfast, and treats, and I'm even making these! OMG!!!

I got up and decided I'd make some simple blueberry muffins - yes I do the box kind.
But as always, everything goes into the donut pan instead, to make it more fun.
Then the hubs strolled on down and said - "you should put a glaze on this!"
"Yes, that's what I was thinking. I have some - in a squeeze bottle!" (because again, I don't do homemade)
So then he stares at it and says "You should make a blueberry glaze"
I just gave him the look, like - you want a blueberry glaze, you better get on it.
So he whips out a pan, puts some butter in it and starts mashing some blueberries.
This was literally like a 3 or 4 step process. Easy Peasy!
So he added the blueberries, then squirt in some glaze, and added a touch of lime and some lime zest. sauteed for mere moments and then we poured it over the donut/muffin, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

1. Start with basically 3 things - glaze (however you like it), berries, muffin mix

 2. After making the muffins or donuts, put a little butter in a pan
3. mash berries of choice
 4. Add to saute pan, then add as much glaze as you want

 5. Saute and stir for a few minutes, and we added a little squirt of lime and lime zest here too

6. Pour over top! OBSERVE GLORIOUSNESS!!!!  Add a sprinkle of powdered sugar :)


The level of how impressive the end result looks & tastes got us thinking - next time we have people over, totally making these for dessert. My idea is to use the triple chocolate chunk muffin mix, and make the glaze with strawberries and amaretto :) How awesome would that be?!?!?!