Thursday, February 2, 2012

Addy for President.

So this week at school is spirit week.
For career day, she was a fashion designer/cupcake wars judge :)

The girl has flare, what can I say...

For red white & blue day, I had this grand idea!  :)


Oh yes I did!

So I made the image above and then ironed it onto a shirt!

But the fun part came when I asked her what would be the first thing she would do as president...
Her answer = brilliant

"I would make more donut shops"

YES! YES, I would definitely vote for you!!!!

So then she said, "I'm going to go make some scrolls, and write out all the things I would do, and then pass them out"

ummmm..... LOVE LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!
with scrolls - - - >
Then I read them....

"make more playgrounds"
"make this a better world"
"make more donut shops"
"put a swimming pool in each backyard"
"make more skate lands"
"make more pop tart places"

Yes, yes, a wonderful campaign my dear!!!
So who wants to help create her super PAC! :)
and this is her presidential pose - - >

 Vote ADDY - 2056 For a better tomorrow, tomorrow :)

Wow. she kills me. So proud of this girl. She is a spitfire that's going to do some crazy amazing things on this earth! I can't wait to see it.

VOTE!!! :)


Rachel Olimb said...

What an absolute doll! I can't wait to cast my vote!!

Stephanie said...

SO creative. Clearly, she takes after her mama!