Sunday, January 8, 2012

HAPPY 2012! New designs, custom shares, and Valentines already?!?!

HELLoooooo everyone!
It's been a while. It was a nice, and much needed holiday for us over here.

I hope you all had a lovely December! I tried to soak up these munchkins, and all the great family and friend visits we got, stuffing myself on home-made marshmallows, and anything sugarlicious....

This was my first Christmas season doing jewelry, and boy did I learn a LOT!

I am woman hear me roar, but I am only one woman! {OH SNAP!}
This independent woman would love to have a staff of 50, but.....
my kids aren't yet legally old enough to work. And I'm a baker's dozen away from having 50.
Each custom request requires a lot of communication and time, so I am currently limiting the amount and the scope of these projects.(at least until I can pop out 13 more kids)

You can review my new fun, sassy custom request policy in the shop policies section :) please enjoy my late night rule making :)
I've also edited most of my other shop policies - shipping...production...fine print....blah blah blah....

That being said, I have a few photos to share for the requests that came in before Christmas.

And although I'm already annoyed at seeing the Valentine stuff everywhere already... of course I have to
re-open with a new design! So this one is in honor of all you ball and chains out there!

The hearts & handcuffs duo
 This one shows the option of putting initials in the upper left corner. I did B+L
 This shows how you can rotate the chain to have the handcuffs in whatever position you want. You can either have it at the back of your neck where a clasp would be, or keep it positioned randomly on the side, or down at the bottom where the hearts hang. I like the versatility of that, and I like the sassiness of the handcuff addition - like being stuck together - ball & chain.
 These also show the option to hang the jewels from the bottom of the antiqued gold heart (see above), or hanging from the top, inside the heart (see below)

It's in the shop here


{All photographs, designs and writing are ©Mya Bruce Designs unless otherwise noted.  Do not copy. Thank you!}

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