Monday, January 23, 2012

Easy Peasy Yummy Chocolate chip pumpkin donuts with nutella drizzle

These were so yummy, I had to share.
You may be aware of my slight nutella obsession, as I ranted about it once here...

So when I realized I had some punpkin bread mix in the pantry, (to which you should always always add chocolate chips to anything pumpkin)... I thought I MUST MAKE DONUTS!

See I'm the one person left on the planet that has not joined the cupcake craze. Mind you, they're great. I appreciate them, and I still love finding and sharing loads of the new and unique recipes people are coming up with for them. And I do still enjoy eating them, I'm just not a huge cake person. I'd rather have cookies, or donuts. I'm waiting for the huge donut craze to hit, and then I will really go nuts. Can you imagine having a gourmet donut shop pop up as often as the cupcake places are?!?!?
But ... i continue to wait. My only real gourmet donut fix is when the hubs goes to Portland for work and brings back voodoo doughnut. AMAZING!

So anyway, I made the mix and added chocolate chips. 
Then I poured it into my donut pan.
When they had cooled off I drizzled nutella over the top - - - because WHY wouldn't I?!?!?
They were fantastic. And super easy.

{bad phone pics here:}

I hope you will try it!!


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

omg TOTALLY trying this! I am obsessed with everything pumpkin and I eat nutella on everything! MMM

Ly said...

Oh these look so yummy!! I gotta try them.