Wednesday, December 7, 2011

reminder during this holiday season - Remember Ashley

Just a reminder this holiday season - while you're out at your holiday parties, or fumbling through family dinners with that crazy uncle, or bombed off Grandma's spiked lemonade, or meeting the co-workers for a last hurrah.... if you read none of my other blog posts - READ THIS ONE!!!!
and think of Ashley's precious daughter.


our home to yours said...

I come from a family of drinkers (I do not) and my fear is not so much that they could die, but that they could kill someone else, someone innocent and apart from my families senseless decisions. May I share this link on my blog?
- ourhometoyours

Mya Bruce Designs said...

Thank you! & absolutely spread the word! Thanks again Debbi!!!!!

our home to yours said...

here it is. and I grabbed your button for my blog.