Friday, November 4, 2011

New items added to the shop and some thoughts on letting your life speak

Here are a few samples I've added to the shop this week. I don't always share these updates on the blog, but always on facebook - so I hope you're a fan! :)


I was thinking about this one.....

How I spent so much of my life being quiet, fearful, and hid in a tightly wound box of structure.
Unwilling to bust outside of that box. It was a safe zone. I didn't have to question anything, because it was all very black and white. 
I didn't need people in my life because that was too much work. It was potential for drama. I have no tolerance for games in relationships, so it was easier to just avoid them. 
I followed.
I didn't really know where my voice was because I had nothing to say. 
Then a slow progression happened - of me unraveling from the box. 
From the shell of what was normal for me. I began to listen.
I began to learn about the world. What was happening in it. That's where I found my voice - most likely through rage. After all, how can you stay quiet when you want to scream about something.
So realizing that I had ideas about issues, that there was life outside the box, that I was allowed to question anything and everything.... it was freeing. Then all my other little bricks that were built up around me, slowly began to decay in all other areas. Once I felt comfortable with who I was, I was comfortable to discover others, and wanted to know who THEY were. I found friends that I realized were fun, and exciting, encouraging, accepting, and they brought me no drama, no games, and they were accepting of me for whoever I was. 
This was brilliant and enlightening. That opened up other boxes, now that I realized people in my life may not be a difficult thing, but rather an exciting thing! 
And I decided it was Ok to be whatever I want. Say what I wanted. Have opposing thoughts on what I wanted... I was at a place where I could let my life speak. Finally. And I've never looked back.
I found my new self, new boxes to bust, and I felt more free. I happily live outside the box now.
The un-fun Leah era is night and day different from the era I've enjoyed over the last few years. The experiences I have now, the people I am constantly meeting, the LIVING that's happening here, the grey areas that i now embrace....
There's no reason to stay on the side lines, or to remain quiet, or safe inside structured boxes... 


What good does it do if at the end, no one knows what your life had to say...

"I want to leave a legacy... How will they remember me."

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