Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hope.... in a box

We all have someone in our life that needs - - a prayer, or hope, or a wish, or a change, or a healing, or some grace, or some heavy amounts of love, or maybe it's forgiveness, or strength. Or maybe it's us. Maybe we need that. 

This piece is close to my heart.

I love the prayer pendant box.   "All faiths use prayer boxes to focus the mind on one’s prayerful thoughts or secret wishes."

This tiny little box in it's beauty holds something close. Inside you can keep your most intimate prayer. Your most secretive thought. Your wish for someone else maybe. Maybe it's your children's names, keeping them locked up and safe next to your heart. Maybe it's someone you want to remember, to keep close to you. Maybe it's a lock of hair from when your child was younger and you just want a piece of the baby that is now grown and flourishing to remind you of all the grace you saw along the way.
Maybe you or someone you know needs a healing, needs a cure, needs some massive help... Needs a full blown rescue
Maybe someone you know needs to know you are thinking of them, praying for them, wishing the same change for them that you know they are desperately grasping for.
Maybe it's merely a mustard seed you need to keep inside, to remind you to keep the faith.

I love the vast possibilities of what this can be for people. The comfort it could bring. I love that it offers me the ability to make myself write it out - that which my heart longs for, and then roll it up and keep it close.
I think there is a lot of power in just making ourselves write out or speak out those things that we keep hidden in our souls. Those quiet whispers of dreams that we don't speak out of fear. The silent breaking inside that just needs to be spoken to release its grasp on our heart.

Whether it's here, or in a prayer pendant, or on a sticky note on your mirror - i encourage you to write it. Keep it at the front of your focus. Whether you need to be armed in the morning by looking up and seeing in your own words:
- Be strong
- Courage
- Love more
- Strength words
- Heal Tom
- Hope
- Pray for Marie
- I am enough
- Job change
- relationships

Whatever it is - whether for you, or for someone else. I think there is strength in speaking it into existence. When we get it out, it's not just ours to bear, we don't have to hold it in anymore. We don't have to grasp it so tightly, we gain some freedom there.

So here is a piece that I love because of the strength, the encouragement, the hope that it speaks to.
I tucked the prayer word inside the box, and I put hope next to it. Because I have great hope for what's inside it. I also put a tag on the clasp with an initial of who the prayer is for.
If you want to customize this configuration or do one of the alternate configurations seen below, feel free to send me an etsy convo.
I'm also happy to change the pearl/crystal colors on it. I thought black & white went well with the dramatic black features on the pendant.

Here are some other configurations.

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