Wednesday, November 30, 2011


ok you, Casey leigh ... I'm in! :)

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I have seen this on a few people's blog and thought it might be fun!

Obsessing over: Christmas decor, Christmas music, sweets, bundled up babies, hats, love wearing layers, never matching them of course, fun boots when possible, cooler weather *hopefully, trying to nail down my Christmas card...ack!

Working on: not so  much on, as much as BURIED with necklace orders :)  It is all I can do to keep up with what's coming in, and I can't even take time to update the blog, or show you new styles, or put up new listings.  
or do anything else.

Thinking about: Where we are supposed to be this coming year. In all areas. Wondering what is best for us, praying for clear doors and windows and full on flashing signs :) Hoping for some needed changes.  
thinking how my boy will be TWO in a couple weeks. That is so crazy. Thinking how my girl is such a big kid now, she baffles me.

Anticipating: a busy month! lots of birthdays, lots of different family parts for various holiday get togethers, need to get crackin on lots of TO DO lists... December is always stressful for me. I used to save all my vacation days so I could have a few weeks off to enjoy it as much as possible, and here I am now officially *off* and it's even busier I think.  I go up and down on whether to just close the shop for the month and enjoy it :)

Listening to: Christmas channel on TV - ALL DAY. The hubs turns it on first thing in the morning, as well as the Christmas tree and various decorations, so that when I get up, it's already cheery :) awwww....

Drinking: I wish it was something chocolate, frothy, hot and scrumptious, but it's water right now :) Coffee in the AM, and diet coke at lunch!

Wishing: all that is mentioned in 'thinking about'. Wishing for change, guidance, more involvement with our local and global community, to serve others more, to gain more of a solid ground in grace and giving, and thankfulness for my kidlets. A sharper focus on how much to pursue what I'm doing. 
Always more balance, better priorities, more fun time, less stress time.
To really show up for people. To walk life with others.  To dig deep, get involved and find our core.


Kendra said...

I love your "wishes." I too hope to get more involved with the community and social issues at hand. This world gets crazier and crazier and I want to do all I can to make sure my kids grow up in a safe and moral environment. Thanks for sharing!

tiff said...

your family is very sweet. i love your style. keep it up!