Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So here's the problem with me and baking....

{Let me just apologize up front for any potential risk of being inappropriate .... :) um - I'm at least good for a laugh here and there and I'm willing to put myself out there for mockery}

I'm not someone that presents herself in boxes of perfectionism. I just don't care :)
I will show up with my mismatched outfit, my toes not perfectly painted - in flip flops, no lipstick, and my poor excuse for a cooked item. BUT I'll show up with love (and with a fabulous necklace on)
So I'm happy to show you one of my many imperfections....
This is what it looks like when I bake....

a boob. It looks like a boob! (is it just me? It really looks like that right?!)

I really didn't intend for that... but here's what I've got....

See, I'm a foodie at heart. {AT HEART!}... I'm not however a full on foodie that's actually good on the baking/cooking side. I'm a food admirer. I can spend all day gawking at foodgawker, finding, saving and printing recipes.... and then handing them to my husband :) {YAY!}
I love to find good food, I love to eat good food, I'm pretty picky about what actually makes it into my top favorites, and I'm always the one to find and coordinate holiday recipes for meals. Which is odd... but in my family I'm known as the taster. The seasoner. The person that checks to make sure it doesn't need anything else, or the person that says - "add pancetta"! (and you should always add pancetta. Even to pancake batter. yes) I'm just not the person that actually makes it. I know. I am kind of a fraud. But I rarely muster up the will to want to go through the actual process myself. The 15 ingredients, the too many steps, the MESS, and then not being amazed at the end... so I usually don't bother unless of course it's a "NO-BAKE"! LOVE THOSE!
So shamefully... the extent of my baking is often from a bag. Yes, I said it. I'm over it too.
So long story not so short.... I had these 2 things to work with!

So I happily mixed my 4 ingredient cookies, and then added in chocolate chips - because you should ALWAYS do that... and then formed my imperfect blobs... and then (forgot to wait until the end and) stuck on the pumpkin spice hersheys kisses! (which by the way tastes like pumpkin PIE nuggets!) & then I put them in the oven.

and then my six year old daughter - yes my SIX year old said: "Aren't we supposed to put them on after we bake them?" and I went.... "ohhhh yeeaaaahhhhhhh", as I turned on the oven light to see these hysterical looking BOOB cookies!
Of course I snapped a picture of that and texted it to many, and one friend reminded me that it was all OK because after all - IT'S BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!
Awesome factoid to make my boob cookies magnificently OK, and not as creepy.

(And P.S. when I get back up & running mid October I'll be doing a special with my "Courage" necklace to honor all the amazing warrior gals fighting this month... and every month)

So Even though they should probably look like this: {which... achem.... still looks like a boob}

And not so much this

The bottom line is - THEY TASTE GOOD! And they're easy! And that's all I care about! And you should try them!


Three's 4 Me said...

Hi there lady!!! First of all, those look de.lish! I just wanted to let you know that I haven't received an email from you, just in case you sent that second one!! Anyway, I was going through a couple of my comments, and I didn't want what you wanted to discuss to fall through the cracks!! If you just want to write in a comment on my blog your email address, I will gladly email you!! I hope to talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

YOU SO Crack me up!!! But I love that you are so adventuresome in the Kitchen!!!! MA

TanyaLea said...

Oh so funny!! ~ I will never look at these kinds of cookies the same again ~ you ruined me! LOL!!! ;)

Just visiting from Oh Fiddlesticks and I will be back! Fun place to visit.


best pre workout supplement 2012 said...

you are funny, so adventurous well even I don't taste it it looks yummy... :)

Sara, Luke, and Brooklyn said...

Those look delish! Your blog is really cute! I'm your newest follower. :)