Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall....Respite for my soul

What is Fall to me?


I'm sure many of you east coasters feel the same way after winter... but summer here is HOT! 120 degrees hot. I try not to complain about that, as I can always imagine our soldiers in an even worse heat with even more layers of clothing and too many pounds they have to carry on top of that.

But nonetheless.... it's hot.

We spend a season of shelter & hiding out & living long days hot & tired and stuck inside. When you walk outside it feels like someone has left the oven open. It's a blast of heat. So cranky.

Then comes Fall. My favorite. :)

Fall is for recouping ... rejuvenating... Feeding my soul & my innards, Refocusing to family time, Getting back outside & getting air & breath back into life, Finding new graces to forgive all my harbored negativity that grows & roots during summer hibernation, Reconnecting with people, with nature, with being active...

It comes with nostalgic smells of pumpkin & cinnamon, and promises of good food, and warm fall drinks that just make me happy.

It offers more community, more fun, more connectedness, more functions, more opportunities to meet the neighbors, to let the kids play outside and hear laughter...
it's calming. centering. it's like a warm bath after a good cry. :)
And here are some of my favorite fall things...


decorating like the Griswolds. Go cheesy or go home.
Getting outside again
Visiting my Happy place

Dressing up!
{This was my prego Juno year in 09}

Cousins on Thanksgiving

Lots of good food... and especially Uncle D's annual monster-cheese ball

The way the trees change to greet me

Trying to take the annual family photo and laugh at how no one cooperates

"Wherever you are, be all there." ~Jim Elliot
Notice all the bits of joy around you. Soak them up. Let them work that healing process into your bones, the recouping from one season to a new one. Track all the grace in the moments... those ones you take your mental snapshots of and pray that you'll remember forever.
Live BIG. and OPEN for journey. You get but one.

"Boxes and packages. Life comes like that. Boxes of time... we eagerly rip open to discover a season of delight: weddings and babies and new houses to become homes. Another box arrives and inside we find a time of hard goings: too many voices, too many dishes, too many curriculum choices, too many mismatched socks, not enough me. But that box is a GIFT.

All time is that. Whether I see it that way or not.

Each package of days are days that come but once.
This is the package of life, of noise, of laughter. Oh, to tissue-unwrap each day with glee. To be captivated in each moment, holding it high, in wonderment.

Accepting that to everything there is a season. That all times are boxed packages of grace...

So we treasure what every package, what every day, holds......"
~Ann Voskamp

Some fun fall recipes!

Candy Corn martini?!?!?

I'm teaming up today with great bloggers! Check out the party going on over here!!!!


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