Monday, October 3, 2011

Embrace the Mountain...

I am always amazed by how brilliantly my husband can put things into perspective... re-focus the goal, anticipate the landing, and center me right back to where I ought to be. He is gifted in analogies :)
And when I'm falling - he is able to present words like a perfectly packaged gift that pick me right back up.

When I made the decision to walk away from my 10 year career gig in May, I was truly in the middle of a postal melt down.... There was mere scraps of me as leftover morsels to give my children. I had nothing left of me to give.
And then he gave me this....
And we have repeatedly seen examples of "pulling up the empties". And after we realize that's what it is - we smile and say "OOooh! This is one of those", and then we can trust and move forward.

And then who knew there would be a part THREE to Busting out 1 & 2!?!?!
not me!
I was feeling stuck, and in fear, and not sure how to move - whether east or west - it was paralyzing.
Aren't we always in a pattern of forward movement, just bustling through to the next thing? There is always something we are moving towards... milestones...goals...adventures...seasons. My tough moments are when the forward movement feels suddenly halted, and I don't know where I'm going.
And then he told me to ...
We were on a path of embracing the mountain. The excitement of it, the challenges of it, and the forward movement up. There was noticeable change afoot...
But then - there was this "funk" - it was this trapped feeling, stunted momentum - and not knowing how to keep moving forward. So aggravating and potentially disheartening.
But we had forgotten something. A key element....
a very common part of the climb: base camp.
Often times during the climb you can make upwards progress but then get stuck at base camp because the climate/weather isn't right yet or right for the next leg of the journey. So the climb is still happening, progress still happening, but we've got to wait for the climate to be right for the next leg. In a way it's a blessing to be held here, because only God knows when the climate is just right for us to continue the climb.
{Looking over the Austrian Alps. Most beautiful scenery on earth.}

I loved that. And it is what I needed.
Then I was talking to my sister today about Seasons.
We live our life in a series of seasons. And even though we might long for the next season, we are learning from the current one - what we want, what we need, where we'd like to be...
and the growth from this season will prune us and make us ready for what's next.

So... I guess it's partially an on-going saga of patience - at base camp. And a time to be pruned.
But to be ready! Because here comes life.


Marni Arnold said... speak my heart! You truly do! I resonate so well with this post! My husband is very gifted as well in being able to paint pictures for me in analogies. God truly knows what He is doing when He connects two hearts. :)

Thank you for this wonderful reminder in the whole of the message here...for beyond the understanding of having a husband who can truly speak to my heart and mind simultaneously, I am in a season of looking toward the next season; but I am learning so much right now where I am at. Thank you reminding me that it is truly okay to be here. Thank you. :)

Mya Bruce Designs said...

Thanks so much Marni! :) You blessed me today! :)
My daughter and I are doing 1,000 gifts TOO!