Friday, September 23, 2011

Catch the moments for your love bucket...

Capture the Moments....

One of those sweet moments where I say "click" and take my mental memory picture to store in my love bucket.

Went to put my boy(21 months) down for his nap. He sleeps to Billie Holiday music.

But we were singing and swaying to the first song before I laid him down.

His head all cutely snuggled into my neck. My head resting on his.

We were singing "All of me". He sings the beat part "do do do" and all the last words to each sentence.

So I'd be singing and then he comes in at "MEeeee" and "Youuuu", etc.

So I'm just soaking it up and thinking how nice it is because he is never still and rarely cuddles.

And then all of a sudden I feel this tickle on my neck. And I'm trying so hard to keep singing and not laugh, but i realize that he's sticking his tongue on my neck! Just every now & then! and then back to "meeeee!"

it was the funniest thing ever. First the sweetest, and then the funniest.


our home to yours said...

how wonderful. there is nothing better than a cuddle with a little one. this made me smile, thanks for sharing.

TheLoveBucket said...
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