Monday, September 26, 2011

Busting out

i posed the question today...
How do YOU bust out of your funk?

I think on that often. When I feel stuck.

I'm stuck to something, trying to figure out what.
Trying to find the break in the opening where you find light trickling in
and then know which way to go.

We draw lines on sidewalks.... lives lived on pavement.
There's earth under there. Where there is earth, there is life. And I seem to often ignore it.
Not see it. Misplace it. Walk the motions of it.
I want to stop to feel the lines, to see how they move.
To watch life stirring and feel it.

To notice the joy in everything.

How ironic that we let LIFE get in the way of enjoying LIFE.

see through it.
& see it through.
& remember that tomorrow brings new light. always.

How do YOU bust out?


our home to yours said...

by reading inspiring blogs like your. :~)

Mya Bruce Designs said...

Aw... thank you so much Debbi! Means so much!