Monday, August 22, 2011


YEP! That's a nutella pizza with berries and shaved white chocolate! OMG!!!!

And here is a tribute post to many fabulous takes on s'mores, which I couldn't be more thrilled about!

and just to even things out, and to prove that I'm not ALL about sweets... I'm sharing some of my favorite finds from one of my favorite food magazines: Eating Well

I've made this fish recipe several times, it's so fresh and clean tasting with bright flavors!
{Sorry no pic} :(

The Chicken Cassoulet never fails...
Chicken Cassoulet Recipe

Hamburger buddy (with lots of veggies hiding in the sauce)
Hamburger Buddy Recipe

Portobella Burger
Mediterranean Portobello Burger Recipe

I hope you try some of these. I have NEVER been disappointed with ANY recipe I've tried from Eating Well! And everything is pretty healthy.

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