Monday, August 8, 2011

Long mixed metal, Bohemian, Tree necklace says - 'Live and let live' - in Italian, with aqua crystals and personalized initial

I am obsessed with trees.

& I am loving the new tree necklace. I have to say sometimes I stare at something (tree pendant) for a long time before I ever feel inspired on what to do with it. And usually it comes all of a sudden. I've learned it often comes easier when I think of who I'm designing it for or inspired by, and then it all comes together very quickly. I made this one for a friend. I wanted a phrase that I felt encompassed her - and so this is what I thought of "Live and let live" as she lives her life according to what is true to her, but she is very much accepting of everyone else and how they choose to live theirs as well, which I think is pretty rare. I am very thankful for this quality in her.

I was also inspired by a different friend to put it in Italian. As I recently worked on a necklace for her using one of the coins she brought back from Italy, and a added pendant that says "joy of living" in Italian.

I am blessed to call them both friends, and to have gained inspiration from them.
Thanks E & J! :)

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