Monday, August 29, 2011

Custom Necklace Design for Oh Fiddlesticks!

A while back I was contacted by one of the Oh Fiddlesticks gals to work on a custom, OOAK necklace design for both of the fabulous chicks behind the brand. She wanted something that represented their business... naturally, we were on the hunt for the perfect fiddle! :)
I was stoked!

This is what we came up with...
A mixed metal design with a long bronze rectangle that says "Oh Fiddlesticks!"
And a little brass circle for the initial, with a fiddle charm, and a pearl drop.
They each had their own initial on their necklace & bracelet.

It was a HOOT to work on this, and design something that fit their unique and original style.
Thanks gals!

Check them out!

They design Charming shirts for tots: vintage inspired designs + a modern day twist

LIMELIGHT  Tee for Girls

Rock Star long sleeve tshirt for children- 12m, 18m, 2T, 4T, 6T

Monday, August 22, 2011


YEP! That's a nutella pizza with berries and shaved white chocolate! OMG!!!!

And here is a tribute post to many fabulous takes on s'mores, which I couldn't be more thrilled about!

and just to even things out, and to prove that I'm not ALL about sweets... I'm sharing some of my favorite finds from one of my favorite food magazines: Eating Well

I've made this fish recipe several times, it's so fresh and clean tasting with bright flavors!
{Sorry no pic} :(

The Chicken Cassoulet never fails...
Chicken Cassoulet Recipe

Hamburger buddy (with lots of veggies hiding in the sauce)
Hamburger Buddy Recipe

Portobella Burger
Mediterranean Portobello Burger Recipe

I hope you try some of these. I have NEVER been disappointed with ANY recipe I've tried from Eating Well! And everything is pretty healthy.

Whippy Cake 10K giveaway!

Whippy Cake is having a fantastic giveaway this week to celebrate their 10k fans!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Epiphany design...

I had an Epiphany this weekend. So I'll call this my epiphany design :)
Each design is usually inspired by something.
Today I was thinking about - what are 2 things I want to say to you.
You as in the general public that sometimes notices what I'm doing, who may or may not even be listening.

To you I want to say: Make your memories. and. Live love.
That's all I got.

Now, to expand on that...
When I was growing up, when we were doing something fun, my mom would always say
"we're making memories!"
All the time.
She wanted me to notice what we were doing. To remember it. To take a mental picture so I'd hold on to the memory of what we were doing. Not to just go along with the flow of every day, and take it for granted. And I always did take note of that. Maybe too much :) Maybe this is why I can't get rid of anything - everything is a memory to me. Every movie ticket, every note, a special leaf I picked up on a trip, it could be anything. Don't look in my garage. It's many many boxes of what would look like junk to you. But I hold on to all of it. I hoard keepsakes :)

I say the same things to my kids. "We're making memories", and I have to capture every one of them with a photo. A little memento of that moment. I am an obsessive picture taker. I can't even keep up with all the photos I take. But I can't miss a thing.

So this new design is sort of an inspired piece. To ask you to 'make your memories'. To notice them, to go out in to the world and create the memories you want to have. Build the life you want.
And in the same token, to 'live love'. If you are constantly living out love in your life, the memories will come easily, because you will see it every day. You will find joy when you choose the path of living out of love in all that you do.

So to me, I will wear this piece as a reminder of those 2 things. On this one, the camera to me is more of a symbol to signify to capture those memories. To remember the joyful, lovely, every day moments, and to not let them get lost in the mundane and sometimes hard aspects of life.

So even though this could easily be a photographer design, I believe it's also a design for anyone. Maybe the obsessive picture taker like me, or just for anyone else that wants to stand behind the idea to live life. live love. make your memories. and capture them. Take your mental pictures.

And I hope this will help to hold me accountable to stay on track with that myself.
Maybe all 1,829 of you can hold me accountable :) LOL!

I am also offering a style without the camera pendant. It is replaced by a little puffy silver heart.

You can choose the silver chain or the copper.
You can see in the pictures near the top that you can layer the pieces how you want to.
They move easily around the chain, so if you want the camera on top, or the silver on top, it's sort of a mix & match however you like.

Everyone has something to say right? To be heard? To be known... isn't that human nature?
What would YOU say to the world?

Both are in the shop:

Friday, August 19, 2011

My rant on Nutella. Yes, you really HAVE TO READ IT!

I'm just going to put this right out there and be up front and honest about it.
Messing with me about nutella is like messing with a man and superbowl.
I survived 3 weeks in Europe as a terrified, paranoid 20 year old because they give you nutella EVERY MORNING for breakfast! Yes! Some places are getting it right! They know you really should start your day with joy and happiness and yummy endorphins. And when the angry Austrian lady yells at you for referring to that cheese with holes in it as "swiss cheese" instead of Austrian cheese merely because it had HOLES in it and you thought that's what swiss cheese WAS..... it will be OK, because she STILL has to give you the nutella!!!
{back from venting}

I'm going to provide you with a simple formula in which to apply to all things in life.
Whenever possible. A+___ should always = nutella.
Whenever possible, always ALWAYS substitute whatever you normally use, with NUTELLA.
If something calls for peanut butter... SUB!
If something calls for chocolate... SUB!
When and ALWAYS WHEN something needs to be frosted... you use nutella.
You need a midnight treat... you steal the kid's graham crackers and dip it in nutella.
dip a cookie! Heck yes! Melt it into your hot chocolate!
Substitute for smores, and you just made gourmet smores.
You have pizza dough in the fridge? Yes absolutely you should top it with nutella & strawberries and cut it into cute shapes and dust it with powdered sugar and make all your neighbors know how glorious a baker you are!
Won ton wrappers! Let me just tell you.... yes! nutella inside of wontons and fried, and then dusted with powdered sugar... just... yes.

I got one of those pancake ball pans, JUST so I could squeeze nutella in the inside of those fantastic pancake balls. It was totally worth it.
Williams Sonoma Ebelskiver

If you have not tried nutella before, your life could be lacking. Yes, i said it.
I'm going to risk the line of being offensive here... but if you do not like nutella........... Ok, I'll forgive you, but I'll still think something is inherintly wrong with your inner most being.
And there will always be those people that when you say nutella, and they say "what's that?" and then you get over your horror and say "do you like chocolate hazelnut?" and they do that squirmish "meh" face... yeah that one... they just don't get it. They need only try a sample and you will have won them over.

For the love of Pete people, there is a national nutella day!!!! And it is worth every minute!

I am going to give you the best gift ever right here.... It's a foodgawker search of nutella. You will be able to see by PHOTO all the glorious creations talented food boggers have created with this little morsel of gold

There is an awesome pizza/wine bar in Scottsdale called Grazi's, and let me just tell you - if you do nothing else - go there and get the wood-fired nutella filled calzone! UH-MAZING!

So go on... go nuts a little!

Here are a few awesome recipes I found!

nutella hazelnut chocolate chip cookies 214x300 World Nutella Day: Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Nutella Sandwich Cookies


SO PLEASE DO SHARE! What are YOUR favorite nutella recipes?!?!?!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Long mixed metal, Bohemian, Tree necklace says - 'Live and let live' - in Italian, with aqua crystals and personalized initial

I am obsessed with trees.

& I am loving the new tree necklace. I have to say sometimes I stare at something (tree pendant) for a long time before I ever feel inspired on what to do with it. And usually it comes all of a sudden. I've learned it often comes easier when I think of who I'm designing it for or inspired by, and then it all comes together very quickly. I made this one for a friend. I wanted a phrase that I felt encompassed her - and so this is what I thought of "Live and let live" as she lives her life according to what is true to her, but she is very much accepting of everyone else and how they choose to live theirs as well, which I think is pretty rare. I am very thankful for this quality in her.

I was also inspired by a different friend to put it in Italian. As I recently worked on a necklace for her using one of the coins she brought back from Italy, and a added pendant that says "joy of living" in Italian.

I am blessed to call them both friends, and to have gained inspiration from them.
Thanks E & J! :)

New personalized MOM necklaces

Must send some big love once again to Desirae Todd for the great shots of my new mom designs.
I'll have these up in the shop in a few days. I liked the look of hanging the jewels off the bottom, for more of a vintage inspired, dangley look, rather than hanging off of the chain next to the pendant.

This one shows the jewels hanging off of the smaller pendant, rather than the bottom of the larger one.
I'll update on these SOON!
Thanks DTP!