Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun with photos to make Birthday cards, etc...

friend and fabulous photographer Laura Winslow always posts wonderful questions every day...
Today's question was:
"have you used photos in a fun way for a birthday or other party?"

So of course this grabbed me because we have ALWAYS used one of the kid's photos to make their birthday cards. To me, it's just so much more fun than the typical card, and it gives me a glance of what we were doing for each year, and the theme, and how cute they looked.
By 18, I'm sure I'll have lots of funny ones!

So I thought I'd share some of my samples.

This one was our first attempt, so it needs a little help but I still liked it. This was Addy's first birthday, butterfly theme.
2nd birthday we thought would be funny to make this cute little girl look like a thug. Just for kicks! :)
& this was the slideshow DVD cover

Then she wanted to be Dora the Mermaid...
4 & 5 were more basic, but 6 was a luau...
Asher's first was a mix of Elmo & SOA :) Nice combo right?!?! So the card was ALL SOA!
Biker dude he was....
Here was a random Christmas card we made...

& a teacher appreciate card :)
These were photos I played with for Father's Day decorations, I turned them into signs:

And as far as Birthdays, I usually blow up the photo that I've used for the card and use it in the decoration. Like this one:

For my Father in law's 60th birthday, we blew up old photos of him and put them on foam core and hung them around the room like a gallery:

Well it was fun to go down memory lane. I hope you all have fun with your photos!
Thanks Laura for always asking great questions!

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Laura said...

Love these, Leah! SO adorable!!!! :)