Monday, July 25, 2011

Cousin Love, cute Lockets & a fun kid project

My 6 year old - Addy.....

Often sits right next to me at my work bench while I'm doing jewelry, and she whips out her bag of beads and makes bracelets and necklaces for lots of people she knows. I like that we will have memories of making jewelry together, and that she wants to be a jewelry designer like mama :) One of her MANY aspirations.

Recently when we were on a trip to the craft store, she found a cute purple locket. She wanted to use her own money to make herself a necklace with her cousins photos in it so she could see them every day.

I've learned a few things about cousin love.... It's beyond a really best friend.
These girls go BAZONKERS when they see each other. It's like no other little relationship I've seen Addy have. The cousins don't get to see each other all the time, so I like that she thinks about them a lot and wanted to do this.

So then we thought - let's get 2 more, that way she could make matching ones for her cousins to wear of her & her brother too. So each girl would have their cousins pics in their locket. Addy loved this.
So we went home and she got out some colorful chain, and picked out who would have what, and then I found some photos and shrunk them down, and she helped me put them in. Then she made them a little note, and we wrapped them up and sent them off!

Super cute, easy and she loved doing it. They feel it keeps them closer too.
Great gift idea during holidays for the kids to make for their friends or cousins.

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