Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Dude's nursery

When I grew up, my dad was building these...

We were in an oldie car club, and we were always going to car shows, and watching dad geniusly build these works of art from scrap - just as a hobby - for himself. It's not like he was ever trained to do this stuff in his work. Needless to say I grew up with a great appreciation for the oldies. My first car was a 66 mustang coupe... no power steering, no A/C, in 110 degree summer. I loved it :)
Soooo... when I found out I was having a boy, I knew I wanted to trick out his room with some oldie car love!

My little studly man is 19 months now,
but this is how I prepared his room before he arrived. Keep in mind I am NO decorator. This is a total amateur style I've got going on :) But my theory is to just work with items that you like, that make you happy.
I didn't really do a typical baby look in either of my kids rooms, and I think this will still work for a bigger kid room, maybe minus the monkeys which easily peal off.
Since I couldn't decide between my love of monkeys, and my love of oldie cars and garage style gear, I didn't really stick to a theme! I threw in everything I liked!
Sooo.... I've got oldie cars, monkeys, garage, surf, skateboard, boxing, and overall vintage stuff.

I used a lot of my dad's license plates on the wall. These came off the oldie cars he had at one time. I love that I can pass those down.
modern, Ikea dresser - thanks to the hubs for the hours it took to put that thing together :)
This was my 2nd choice. Originally I wanted a really big, red, metal craftsman tool chest. But they are really pricey and a lot of small drawers.

I kept the mirror down low where we'd be changing him because I remember how much my daughter loved looking in the mirror as a baby. I framed a drawing above it that she made for him - her first drawing of the whole family, which included him.
skateboard shelves from PB teen, and a sound wave hat rack I found through PB teen also, which was on clearance! I think it was like $12!

I tried to add personal touches, like capturing the hands of our young little family of 3 (plus the dog), getting ready to welcome #4. So down by the door is the hand of Daddy, Mommy, sister, and Monkey - the dog.
Since I had used a lot of inspiration from things that reminded me of my dad, I also wanted to tie in things that were from my husband too - like his first pair of fighting gloves that hang in the upper corner, as well as the surf board he used for years when we lived in CA.

I replaced all the outlet and light covers with these metal garage style covers, I think I got these at Sears online.
I found a lot of things at antique stores, this old gas sign was from an antique store online, I think somewhere in CO.
Lots of Busted Knuckle Garage gear, in metal and wood. Which at the time I could only find in their online store and in car magazines, but now I even see them in Hobby Lobby!!
I still collect metal hot rod signs which I add every now & then to his room. I had the hardest time picking a wall color so I picked 2, and then put up random stripes in several other colors and different widths which matched the polka dots in his bedding . I don't think I'll ever do stripes again :)
And my dad helped me get all my trinkets up!
Eventually I'd like to find the back seat from an oldie car and make it into a chair in his room. And I want to work in more old surf stuff too. I'm still day dreaming about what to do for a big kid bed. And I'm hoping to eventually do a long metal garage style shelf above his closet.
Ikea has some good options on that.

Almost 2 years later, I still love this room. I think it's my favorite one in the house :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cousin Love, cute Lockets & a fun kid project

My 6 year old - Addy.....

Often sits right next to me at my work bench while I'm doing jewelry, and she whips out her bag of beads and makes bracelets and necklaces for lots of people she knows. I like that we will have memories of making jewelry together, and that she wants to be a jewelry designer like mama :) One of her MANY aspirations.

Recently when we were on a trip to the craft store, she found a cute purple locket. She wanted to use her own money to make herself a necklace with her cousins photos in it so she could see them every day.

I've learned a few things about cousin love.... It's beyond a really best friend.
These girls go BAZONKERS when they see each other. It's like no other little relationship I've seen Addy have. The cousins don't get to see each other all the time, so I like that she thinks about them a lot and wanted to do this.

So then we thought - let's get 2 more, that way she could make matching ones for her cousins to wear of her & her brother too. So each girl would have their cousins pics in their locket. Addy loved this.
So we went home and she got out some colorful chain, and picked out who would have what, and then I found some photos and shrunk them down, and she helped me put them in. Then she made them a little note, and we wrapped them up and sent them off!

Super cute, easy and she loved doing it. They feel it keeps them closer too.
Great gift idea during holidays for the kids to make for their friends or cousins.

Friday, July 22, 2011

NEW Photog necklace

Always thrilled to work with the fabulous Desirae Todd Photography

I worked up a new photog necklace, and check out these awesome shots she got

Thank you DTP! :)

Personalized necklaces.... a few new ones

Friday, July 15, 2011

Best cookies EVERRRRR (and NO BAKE!)

OK so I came across this page in the Parents Magazine, and anything that says "S'mores" catches my eye! And then I saw "No Bake" and I was THRILLED!
I have an obsession with finding amazing desserts. I'm an expert at picking recipes... problem is - - - - I don't actually like to bake! GAH! I know, it's weird.
At Thanksgiving I usually pick out all the amazing recipes, and then I give them to my husband to make :) It works well!

Anywho... back to these amazing cookies, which are amazing for TWO reasons!
First - because they are just simply fantastic entirely as is. AND I don't have to bake!
Second - because I made a discovery while making the graham cookie part....
I've always always LOVED peanut butter balls with the traditional mix of peanut butter, dried milk powder and way more honey than it calls for. BUT... it's hit or miss for me on if I nail it, and I also really dread trying to mix that hard mixture together, which really only works by hand, and is sooo messy. So it often deters me.
These graham peanut butter balls were very similar tasting to those, but SO MUCH BETTER! And I was so excited that they were much easier to make, and not hard to mix at ALL!
So I left some of the ball mixture as is, without conforming them for the cookie, and put them in the fridge to see if they got too hard but they did not! Stayed perfect and the cookies are still just as perfect on day 2!!!

Forgive me, I was taking quick phone pics. They're not so great.

1. Put your graham crackers in the food processor to get crumbs.
2. Mix crumbs with peanut butter, maple syrup, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla

3. Roll mixture into balls {Now you could stop HERE and put them in the fridge and have the best peanut butter balls ever}
4. Flatten with fork, then put aside until ready to serve or refrigerate.

5. When ready to serve, put marshmallow fluff on top and I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND REPLACING THE CHOCOLATE SYRUP WITH NUTELLA!!!

So, mine aren't as pretty, but who cares! Also, I think it's easier to spread the nutella on the cookie first, and then top it with the fluff.

The entire family is literally obsessed!

I really hope you try them, and let me know what you think!!!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A few new ones for your littler ones :)

Courage necklace

This was a custom request which I loved so I added it to the shop

Fun with photos to make Birthday cards, etc...

friend and fabulous photographer Laura Winslow always posts wonderful questions every day...
Today's question was:
"have you used photos in a fun way for a birthday or other party?"

So of course this grabbed me because we have ALWAYS used one of the kid's photos to make their birthday cards. To me, it's just so much more fun than the typical card, and it gives me a glance of what we were doing for each year, and the theme, and how cute they looked.
By 18, I'm sure I'll have lots of funny ones!

So I thought I'd share some of my samples.

This one was our first attempt, so it needs a little help but I still liked it. This was Addy's first birthday, butterfly theme.
2nd birthday we thought would be funny to make this cute little girl look like a thug. Just for kicks! :)
& this was the slideshow DVD cover

Then she wanted to be Dora the Mermaid...
4 & 5 were more basic, but 6 was a luau...
Asher's first was a mix of Elmo & SOA :) Nice combo right?!?! So the card was ALL SOA!
Biker dude he was....
Here was a random Christmas card we made...

& a teacher appreciate card :)
These were photos I played with for Father's Day decorations, I turned them into signs:

And as far as Birthdays, I usually blow up the photo that I've used for the card and use it in the decoration. Like this one:

For my Father in law's 60th birthday, we blew up old photos of him and put them on foam core and hung them around the room like a gallery:

Well it was fun to go down memory lane. I hope you all have fun with your photos!
Thanks Laura for always asking great questions!