Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hair Goddess.... GIVEAWAY!!!

So I have a big confession for all you that have only known me in the last few years.....
Yes. It's true. I actually spent most of my life as a...... BLONDE!
I know.
For reals I was.

{I'm going to try not to cringe in showing you all this}

I grew up as a blonde, and then started coloring to maintain the blonde once I was in my later teen years, and by the time I got married at 20, my hair was hanging by threads. I had to chop it all off! I spent 3 years in CA completely destroying it, and then moved back to AZ in 2003.
I had started to transition in to a brunette at that point for sheer survival, and that's when I found Karin {signal glorious sound of Angels singing HAAAAAA-LLELUJAH! and trumpets. lots of trumpets}
I immediately knew that Karin was the real deal. She was the owner of the salon where I went and I could just tell this chick had her act together! She was a whiz with hair, she was professional, kind and friendly, and she was not going to do anything that would damage my hair. I saw hair-hope in this woman! :)
And thus started our fantastic EIGHT... yes EIGHT year relationship! I can't tell you how big that is for me, because before that I never lasted with any stylist more than 6 months. I was a stylist-hopper if you will, and I had little hope in any of them. Even the really high end ones - still never turned out well for me. So finding one that I knew I could trust was a life changer.
I have happily stayed brunette ever since!

Photo by Michelle McKeen Photography.
{I feel really bad cropping out the baby, but....}

Not only have I gone to Karin for 8 years, so has my husband! Even he will tell you that he'd never let anyone else cut his hair.
Karin has been in the hair industry for 19 years and is renowned for her brilliance in hair color, color correction and color education. She specializes in providing hair color that enhances a person’s natural beauty by highlighting the colors in their hair and skin. She is very passionate about her work, and always takes the time to listen to what her clients want and, of course, lets her clients know what she thinks will work best for their hair, face structure and life style. She prides herself on giving each client individual care and attention.

Karin is now at a fantastic salon in Liedan Mitchell Salon in Chandler as a level 3 stylist!
And you can book your appointment ONLINE through her facebook page!
More info on here here: