Friday, March 4, 2011

Brave... For Addy

I am showing off another custom (not in the shop) design - and this one is for me!
Actually, it will be a surprise for my daughter's birthday.
This might seem like an odd necklace for a daughter. But not mine :)
Addy is one of a kind. She can be all girly... and she can be all tough.
Our family is big into Krav Maga, which is an amazing self-defense training.
Addy trained for a summer, and she LOVED IT!
One of her favorite things to do is to get her gloves on and spar with daddy. She of course calls it "fighting", but I try to remind her to use the word "wrestle" so as not to frighten the neighbors :)
I saw this boxing glove charm and I could not pass it up.
This necklace is very much 2 parts.
You might think the pendant says "brave" because it goes with the the "fighting" mentality.
Well - yes, it works for that. And yes, she is brave. But the glove is symbolic for daddy. The pendant that says Brave is for me and her because "Brave" has always been our song together.
"You make me want to be brave".
She does. She did. I only became brave after I had her.

You can hear the song by Nichole Nordeman here:

Like I said... girly...

AND tough!

She is the best daughter ever.
And here is her special piece from momma and daddy

But shhhhh! Don't tell her yet! :)

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