Thursday, February 3, 2011

personalized earrings!

I have these cute tiny little 1/4 inch silver circles. I've been using them on a few things lately, but right now I am digging my earrings!

For my own sample, I did the post earrings each different. I like to mismatch things.
So one earring includes 2 (a)'s for my kid's first letters, and since they were the same letter I thought it would be cute to flip flop them.
The other earring is my husband's initials.

(please excuse the hideous picture of my ear... trying to get a photo of your head using your phone is a bit difficult)
listing here:

The other option is to do hoop earrings

listing here:

The hoop earring features a smaller font. The stud earring features a larger font. I can do either.
AND I now have uppercase AND lowercase options.

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