Thursday, February 17, 2011

OH MY GOODNESS... The photographer necklace

matching earrings

standard gift box. Decorative style may vary

a few extra pearl pendants
personalized silver

So a few weeks ago I met via facebook the lovely Desirae Todd of
She is an awesome photographer.
She was interested in having a photographer necklace, and I had been interested in making one too! So we started chatting back and forth about what all it would include.
Now I know the "I shoot people" is not an original idea, but when you are making a photog necklace, you listen to what the actual photog wants on it, right?!
I also thought it could be personalized depending on what each photog wants - "Smile", "Capture life", "Photog", etc.

So, I thought a mixed metal necklace would be great, with a cool camera pendant, and a personalized name circle.
After we were both happy with the end product, I sent this to her as well as a silver rectangle necklace, and my oh my... she took pictures of these babies and they turned out great!!!!
Check it out!

Thank you Desirae for all your collaborative help and for the amazing pics!!!!

stop by and say hi to Desirae!

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