Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do it. Be it. cre.8 it.

This piece is dedicated to all of you.
All of you creative, artistic, hard working beings that use your hands, your imagination and your talents to inspire, to pursue passion, to find new niches... new dreams... new endeavors. You with your etsy fabulousness, and your mom-blogs, and your DIY projects that you share with all your other fellow creatives. You that fascinate and dream up new concepts, foundations, achievements. You that might be doing all you can to make this creative stuff work - maybe for you, maybe for your kids, maybe just because you love it. You who might be creating as a hobby or side-gig because it is a release for you, it brings you joy, and you are able to bless others with these creations. You who are just starting out, and you who are now building empires.
Your drive and your talents and your imagination never go unnoticed. You inspire me always. You live. You build. You motivate. You cre.8.
So here is my cre.8 necklace for all you craftsters, you artists, sewing maniacs, designing moguls... you creative bunch. May you continue to cre.8 and inspire, and never doubt that you are ever-creating new breath into the artsy world, and you are contributing to a great movement of people that are seeking to live out their dreams, and influence dreaming in others.
I am grateful to be on that team with you.

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