Monday, February 28, 2011


Big, Bright, Colorful rings are in the shop! Limited quantities!

The silver one can be personalized, as shown

I am also adding a retro barbie ring style, which goes great with the retro barbie necklace and I have it paired as a mother daughter set:


Friday, February 25, 2011

Custom Card Design Samples

I've been getting some custom card design requests lately. Here are just a few samples.

Giving credit where credit is due, my friend wanted something inspired by The-Big-one circle design seen here but wanted hers a little different and I added in additional elements.

Decorative matching circle tops for candy jars, and image for T-shirt iron on

My lil model

Addy was loving her cute lillyjames top the other day, so she was modeling it for me. How cute is this?!?!?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My guest blog over at Fresh Chick design studio

So happy to blogging over here today at my friend's blog: Fresh Chick Design Studio!

Please come check it out! I promise it will be yummy! :)

& Check out this fresh chick!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My favorites

I just made this daughter necklace and I am in love with it. I had this design in my brain for a few weeks, and I wanted to think of just the perfect thing to put on it. I decided on
"I wished for you"

Also, I am now offering the bronze vintaj style as a set of THREE: includes necklace, bracelet and earrings

Thursday, February 17, 2011

OH MY GOODNESS... The photographer necklace

matching earrings

standard gift box. Decorative style may vary

a few extra pearl pendants
personalized silver

So a few weeks ago I met via facebook the lovely Desirae Todd of
She is an awesome photographer.
She was interested in having a photographer necklace, and I had been interested in making one too! So we started chatting back and forth about what all it would include.
Now I know the "I shoot people" is not an original idea, but when you are making a photog necklace, you listen to what the actual photog wants on it, right?!
I also thought it could be personalized depending on what each photog wants - "Smile", "Capture life", "Photog", etc.

So, I thought a mixed metal necklace would be great, with a cool camera pendant, and a personalized name circle.
After we were both happy with the end product, I sent this to her as well as a silver rectangle necklace, and my oh my... she took pictures of these babies and they turned out great!!!!
Check it out!

Thank you Desirae for all your collaborative help and for the amazing pics!!!!

stop by and say hi to Desirae!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Darfur Hope necklace - and dedication to my team

This was my life. For more than a year.

I lived. ate. breathed. traveled for. and wrote about. darfur. congo. uganda.

I founded: Be Their Messenger.
Be aware. Know their stories. Send their message.

And we sent messages back too!
I was never more busy, but less stressed.
I loved it. I was never more passionate about anything. I just wanted people to know about these places and their people and their stories. That was my sole purpose - to make them aware. For people to know the stories of all the little ones. All the dying. All the faces of hope. At least if they KNEW. They would CARE.

I traveled to Colorado and D.C. for events. And we held many here locally too.
I had the most amazing team to be a part of locally.
My Save Darfur gals (& guys). :)
We did Tents of Hope. How amazing that was.
We met amazing people.
Like Save Darfur President: Jerry Fowler

Have you seen The Devil Came on Horseback? YOU MUST! Yeah, that's THIS guy! Brian Steidle. He is fantastic. And his sister is equally amazing, doing lots of work with children in Africa.

I finally got to meet Mohamed of Damanga. org who I had been volunteering for for quite some time, (long distance). He is from Darfur and spends his every days traveling all over just to speak about it. To fight for his people.

Emanual Jal. Please just listen:

Aaron Cohen: Slave Hunter

And like I said - My team (local group of hope fighters) = uh-mazing. {Partly Save Darfur, and refugee focused, and eventually this:}
This photo is only a small part of it - Corey, me & Doreen. (We brought Jennifer and Jessica C & Jessica Q and the boys in spirit)
We got to see painted tents from all over the country at tents of hope.
spread across the D.C. lawn.
What an experience.

My website became a full time job in order to stay on top of the news, and once the 2nd kiddo came along, I just couldn't keep up with it and my volunteering at the same time. But I still keep them all very close to my heart. And these places in the world that need so much hope - will always be a part of me. I do hope to get back to being their messenger - at some point. I left part of my heart there...somewhere.
I still work with, and I am glad that this still provides me the ability to give my support in a different way, but I would like to thank my special team for all of their hard work, effort, their heart, their passion, what they added to my life, and for all their support to me and Be Their Messenger as well. You guys inspire me more than you know. I can't thank you enough. This one is in honor of you, and dedicated to you, and to all the great people we met along the way that fought with us, that urged us to keep going, that had stories of their own.
Thank you for walking life with me.

For each person that purchases a Darfur Hope necklace, I will send 25% of the purchase price back to an Africa charity of your choice.
And yes - the Darfur pendant can be personalized to say other regions, as long as it fits. Congo would work. Or just Africa.

Now in the shop!

mixed metal necklace with teeny tiny bird pendant

personalized silver birdie necklace

button bracelet (or necklace)

Monday, February 14, 2011

a few more for the ladies...

Owl Lovely

Personalized initial vintage silver ring
Beloved - or 1 name/word on sterling silver