Friday, January 14, 2011

What to do with all those Christmas cards....

I love getting Christmas cards. I hang them all up on a hanging Christmas tree decoration which hangs on the pantry door. Then January hits.... and what to do with all these cards? I never know. I feel terrible throwing them out. These are pictures of dear friends!
But then again, as some of you know, I can be a pack rat. And I can turn almost anything into something that is sentimental. So I probably pile them up for 6 months, afraid to let go of them, because God forbid something happens to you - I want that last photo you sent me! Yes - here you go... it's all out now. Welcome to my crazy brain. I imagine every possible outcome as to why I need to hold on to things.
So this year after seeing a lot of our oldest, dearest friends (and missing you terribly), I thought - I'm going to actually do something with those photos this time, so that I can see their lovely faces every time we walk in and out.
I rummaged through the garage (which I already explained houses all of the things that I hoard on to) and grabbed this mirror.
{This is where I kick myself for not taking a before picture!}
So please picture this: it was a mirror, and it was silver. Well... 10 years ago it was gold. Since then, I think I've painted it twice. Yes, I've been holding on to this crazy thing for over 10 years.
So I took it all apart. Pulled the mirror out. Spray painted the frame glossy black...
Then picked some fabric...
Laid out some of the photos I planned to cut down and save...
Then I covered the back of the frame with cork board (roll it out, cut it down, and it sticks on)
Then I laid that on top of the fabric, cut the fabric around it, and sloppily glued it all around the back. I'm sure there's a much better way to do this, but it still looks fine on the front!

Then I popped it back in!
Then I hung it up, and stuck on some of the photos which I had cut down from the original cards. Not a lot of room to keep the "Merry Blah Blah" on the card, so I just saved the actual photo part.
And now we can see your faces every day and you won't feel so far away!

P.S. - Let me just tell you that IKEA has a very similar frame!
I think it would be gorgeous painted in a glossy yellow or turquoise.... or dare I say pink. Yeah, I said it.

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