Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I like old, funky furniture.

I love taking old things and making them new and funky.
Especially furniture. I love going to antique shops or even yard sales or goodwill and finding random things.

I often grab things that I have no idea what I will do with, but I know they have potential for greatness. I sometimes hold on to them for YEARS before I know what to do. This would explain the madness that is my garage. I have frames, mirrors, furniture pieces, all kinds of things - all shoved in to small places, collecting dust. But SOME DAY they'll be awesome!

So I found this kid's chair more than a year ago for $5 at goodwill. It's broken down, falling apart, rusted, crummy, cracking material hanging up by nails. It was just yuck. But I knew it could look retro!
So i finally attempted to conquer it.
Here is the before picture which doesn't quite capture it's hideousness.

So i took it all apart. I spray painted the frame with metallic paint.

I pulled all the nails out of the seat, took the junky cover off, and recovered the seat with batting.

Then I took this material and covered it, using a staple gun.

Then I got some new nuts/bolts and put the frame back together, and then screwed the seat back on, and TA DA!

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