Monday, January 31, 2011

My latest food finds

I am drooling over this.

There are really 2 kinds of amazing grilled cheese in my opinion. The kind that looks like this.... a little gourmet and you want to savor it....

And the fast food version, which in my opinion can ONLY be done well by In N Out.
Secret menu people!
You get everything but the burger, so the cheese on bun, with fantastic sauce, lettuce and tomato. It will make you re-think how grilled cheese should be done.

I am also loving Style & Grace's pics of falafel!
And I will tell you locals, that if you love falafel - you MUST go to Spices. They do it the best, in my opinion.

And you know I'll eat anything with nutella on it...
Check out these:
Now go to Costco and buy the 2 huge tubs of nutella they have! I think it's ridiculous, like $5 or something....
worth. every. penny.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Some random finds


Ribbon Trees 024-

Um.... oreo cupcakes. nuf said.

And i think I love this:
tinman wreath 002

Cute idea for Valentines Day

Saw this on craftgawker. (yes, it's a whole new compilation of brilliant trouble!)

Thought this would be cute for the kiddos on V-day.
Though you know it isn't coming home in one piece! :)

Additional bead/pearl pendants for silver necklaces

This is an add on option if you are buying one of the silver necklaces such as

If you would like to be able to switch out the colored bead (or) pearl dangle on your necklace, this would give you an additional 3 colors.

Please message me your preference on colors and I will check availability.
Photo shows some sample options.
If you are purchasing this add on WITH a necklace purchase, please convo me and I will make a new listing for you to include both so that you don't pay shipping twice.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do we think?

What do we think of the double-necklace look?

Here I've got teeny tiny silver
The rectangle necklace, which I've added the silver bead dangle to here.


Big thanks to The Tomkat studio for the mention yesterday about my Kate necklace
And from the lovely feature by Lilly James! I have loved getting to know them!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine TREATS

OK I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You should really, almost entirely, always - be using foodgawker to search for your recipes.

Just enter any little keyword and wait for the deliciousness to be presented to you in photo form. What better way to know what you want to make!
One of my favorite searches is on nutella!

But here's a little present - Valentine : via foodgawker.
All the best of the best foodblog entries for V-day specials and treats.
ready. go.

It's almost Valentines Day!

If you want to place an order for your bestest wife/girlfriend/"friend"/daughter for a personalized piece of jewelry, I'll need to receive by around Feb. 1 in order to create and ship in time.

Monday, January 24, 2011

New dangles for necklaces

OK, just whipped up some new dangles to add to the personalized silver necklaces.
Will be posting some completed sample pics soon!

Light purple bead, light green amorzite, silver bead trio, green & yellow bead, red colored pearl, green colored pearl, light pink tiny pearl.
I have others, just ask if you have a color in mind.

Personalized sterling silver necklace with names with green jewel

OK, I'm finally adding this to the shop. I waited and waited because I'm finding it difficult to get stock on these great little rectangular dangles. So Availability is limited on this! I'm trying to get more but shipping times will vary.

Weekend makings

This is a sneak peek. I will post more after next weekend, as this was made as a present for someone special...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

When we get to 100 fans on FB, I'm doing a give away!

Personalized Children's bracelets!

Introducing the kid's line.
Here is a sample of a girl's bracelet with an added pink jewel.
Can fit up to 4 letters

Shop it here!

Here is a baby bracelet sample. My husband tells me this is not manly enough on our little man, so I'm working to make a more "manified" one, but since he is my only baby model, it is what it is :)
I think this would be super cute on a girl though! For this one I put "mom"

It's so teeny tiny and cute!

Shop for it here!

Here are a few sample colors, but I have
Pink, purple, green, orange, lighter turquoise/blue and royal blue,
Or I can do black or brown in a leather rope.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Awesome Give Away!

Well, it's one of the best give aways... EVER!

new material for bracelets

I found some more colors today for the bracelets. In addition to a light blue, light green, pink, and orange, I now also have purple, royal blue, and a darker lime green.

Also, I found these cute silver BUTTON clasps!
The little circle pops on over the silver ball. Much easier to try to connect when you're trying to put your own bracelet on.
bracelets are featured here:

Guess what's in the works people...

personalized minis!

oh yes.... kidlet bracelets are in the works!
stay tuned!

Teeny Tiny Gold is in the shop!

I have finally added the teeny tiny gold necklace I previously sneak peeked here:

Personalize up to 3 circles with up to 4 initials on each.
Added tiny silver leaf with one initial.
The sample here shows 2 circles with my kid's initials, and a little dangle leaf with my husband's first initial.

I like to wear this one pretty short since it's very tiny and delicate looking. I think it frames the neck perfectly. Mine is 16 inches.
Circles are about 1/3 inch.

Teeny Tiny SILVER is here!

Many of you liked the teeny tiny gold listing... well I finally have the teeny tiny silver!
Just added to shop:

Personalize up to 3 circles with up to 4 initials on each.
Added tiny silver leaf with one initial.
The sample here shows 2 circles with my kid's initials, and a little dangle leaf with my husband's first initial.

I like to wear this one pretty short since it's very tiny and delicate looking. I think it frames the neck perfectly. Mine is 16 inches.
Circles are about 1/3 inch.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Facebook .... LIKE IT!

If you are not a fan of the Mya Bruce Designs page, you are not seeing a lot of the cute things I am finding today, AND give aways I'm finding as well

Custom Frames

Shout out to my mom...

She made these frames for the kiddos recently.
She does not have a shop, but if you're interested, leave a comment here and I'll get you her contact info.

Love this idea for Valentines Day

valentines day mm cookie cups

I confess that I'm a addict

And today I saw this little ditty, and swooned.

It's pop corn! It's cake! It's pop corn cake!
Simply fantastic.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Basil Potato Bisque with Crispy Prosciutto

We made this soup for Christmas, and it was amazing.

{And by "we", I mean the husband}

Served with ginormous crab legs, cheesy biscuits, and salad.

bracelets now on etsy shop

Personalized bracelet with initials

Personalized bracelet with hand stamped initials. Made with waxed cotton rope and silver pendant.
Sample is made in blue, but I also have pink, orange and green.
I can also do it with black or brown leather rope.
If you order, please message me the 2 initials you would like to use and the desired length.
All items are sent in a cute gift box

First jewelry listing in the shop!

So here is the first listing in the etsy shop for jewelry.

I have ONE of these with the bird charm right now.
I have a couple more I can do with the personalized circle name pendants, but currently no more than 1 with the bird charm. I am hoping to get more of the birds soon!

Personalized copper colored necklace with names and bird charm

Personalized copper colored necklace with names and bird charm

Happy Monday

I've got some stuff in the works people! Several new silver items will be showing up soon, and I'll be getting items listed on the etsy shop for anyone that might be interested.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Gold sneak peek

these are teeny tiny.
I have one with daughter's initials, one with son's initials, and a little leaf with husband's first initial.

What to do with all those Christmas cards....

I love getting Christmas cards. I hang them all up on a hanging Christmas tree decoration which hangs on the pantry door. Then January hits.... and what to do with all these cards? I never know. I feel terrible throwing them out. These are pictures of dear friends!
But then again, as some of you know, I can be a pack rat. And I can turn almost anything into something that is sentimental. So I probably pile them up for 6 months, afraid to let go of them, because God forbid something happens to you - I want that last photo you sent me! Yes - here you go... it's all out now. Welcome to my crazy brain. I imagine every possible outcome as to why I need to hold on to things.
So this year after seeing a lot of our oldest, dearest friends (and missing you terribly), I thought - I'm going to actually do something with those photos this time, so that I can see their lovely faces every time we walk in and out.
I rummaged through the garage (which I already explained houses all of the things that I hoard on to) and grabbed this mirror.
{This is where I kick myself for not taking a before picture!}
So please picture this: it was a mirror, and it was silver. Well... 10 years ago it was gold. Since then, I think I've painted it twice. Yes, I've been holding on to this crazy thing for over 10 years.
So I took it all apart. Pulled the mirror out. Spray painted the frame glossy black...
Then picked some fabric...
Laid out some of the photos I planned to cut down and save...
Then I covered the back of the frame with cork board (roll it out, cut it down, and it sticks on)
Then I laid that on top of the fabric, cut the fabric around it, and sloppily glued it all around the back. I'm sure there's a much better way to do this, but it still looks fine on the front!

Then I popped it back in!
Then I hung it up, and stuck on some of the photos which I had cut down from the original cards. Not a lot of room to keep the "Merry Blah Blah" on the card, so I just saved the actual photo part.
And now we can see your faces every day and you won't feel so far away!

P.S. - Let me just tell you that IKEA has a very similar frame!
I think it would be gorgeous painted in a glossy yellow or turquoise.... or dare I say pink. Yeah, I said it.

handmade projects

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Personalized bracelet with initials

This one is for my Bdawg :)
The boy's initials in silver - on a blue (waxed cotton) rope. I also have this in pink, green & orange

Personalized Silver Necklace with names

So here is my first silver attempt. I think I really like the long, rectangular dangles as a new option. I have a few different additional jewel options or "charms" that can be added, but I really like this little green one just for a teeny bit of color.